Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Got Em!

I have been dreaming of these Christian Louboutin Black Patent Leather Very Prive Patent Leather Pumps for years! I was going to buy myself a pair for my 30th birthday, but they are actually incredibly difficult to find! Imagine my happiness and glee when I found them on sale, in my size on Bluefly.com for $760.00 instead of their typical $845.  I paired that with the SPRING50 promo code and got them for $710! (Plus shipping)

It was a totally irresponsible call to buy these Louboutins for myself on a random Tuesday rather than for a special occasion, but I'm justifying it to myself because it was such a great deal, I didn't buy them for myself for my 30th, and I was already considering buying them to wear to my rehearsal dinner--so might as well grab them now at the big discount!

What do you think? Worth the splurge or a big mistake?

If you think it's worth the splurge, there are a few more pairs left so hurry and get them here!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Black Leather 'Armurabotta 100' Tall Boots

Finding "discount" Christian Louboutins is tough--make that nearly impossible! Especially if you're looking for brand new Louboutins.  Louboutins are so in demand and so on trend, that they sell for their ridiculously overpriced, retail price almost always.

However, you can often find a slight discount on Louboutins on Bluefly.  While hardly a bargain at $1,620, these sexy, over the knee, leather boots are actually 10% less than the $1,795 retail price if you buy them on Bluefly.

The Armburabotto tall boots from Louboutins are a stable for any true Louboutin addict, so if you have the money lying around and don't have the Armurabottos quite yet, head over to Bluefly before they all sell out!